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Haliç University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) primarily aims to establish sustainable cooperation built on mutual trust between academicians and students, and industrialists. Utilizing the academic information, the knowledge and the know-how in line with the requirements of the industry plays an important role as an interface for establishing the necessary platforms for contributing to the national economy.

Commercializing the discoveries and innovative products that emerged as a result of scientific research includes as a whole the support services for the advantage of the society, the national economy and the university. With Departments of Corporate Communication, Project Support, University-Industry Cooperation, Incubation Center Entrepreneurship, and Patent, Haliç TTO serves the academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs and students.

Haliç Technology Transfer Office undertakes to strengthen coordination between academia and industry, to support research projects in terms of commerce and consultancy, and to conduct activities on briefing, training, project support, cooperation, intellectual and industrial property rights, entrepreneurship and incorporation.

Haliç TTO aims to promote their activities to researchers, academicians, students and the business world, to establish the communication between the university and the industry, and to raise awareness in terms of technology transfer.

Within this scope;

  • Haliç TTO’s activities and service items are promoted and announced to researchers, academicians, students and the business world,
  • One-on-one visits are organized for academicians, students, researchers, companies, public institutions and NGOs to raise the parties’ awareness,
  • Academicians are being informed and projects are being supported via the Project Support unit,
  • Training sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops, promotion/briefing meetings and project competitions are planned, organized and announced,
  • Participation to activities organized by external shareholders (workshops, fairs, meetings, etc.) is ensured,
  • Coordination and monitoring processes are conducted for increasing the quality and competencies of Haliç TTO personnel,
  • Digital and printed media are actively utilized,
  • Haliç TTO’s corporate identity activities are being conducted,
  • Haliç TTO’s database is established,
  • Training sessions for Project, Intellectual Property Rights and Entrepreneurship within Haliç TTO’s service item are organized.